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In the Scherzo of his Suite No. 2 in C major op. 53, in just 18 bars and using no more than two chords, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky introduced the accordion quartet that can be claimed as the very firs appearance of this remarkably versatile and resilient instrument in the field of “high end” art music.

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The Vienna-based accordionist Nikola Djoric is considered one of the greatest talents in his field in Austria. Not least thanks to his great musical devotion on stage, he has already been called a “Poet on the Accordion” (Basellandschaftliche Zeitung).

His successful quest to present new and hitherto unknown colours in works ranging from Bach to Beethoven, Mozart and Scarlatti with the sound spectrum of the accordion regularly causes jubilation among concertgoers. Nikola Djoric is active in various musical formations, including with cellist Ana Topalovic as Duo Arcord, with members of the Vienna Philharmonic as Ensemble Wien and with the Signum Saxophone Quartet as SignumFIVE.